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Brain Bleed Caused by Seemingly Minor Car Wreck

Brain Bleed Caused by Seemingly Minor Car WreckInjuries resulting from a car accident, no matter how minor the car accident, can range from apparent to very subtle.  And sometimes, an injury that appears subtle can actually be life-threatening.  Trauma from a car accident, even a minor car wreck, can lead to Vertebral Artery Dissection or VAD which can lead to a stroke or even death.  Here, we will go through what a VAD is and how the laws in Georgia can compensate victims of VAD.

Vertebral Artery Dissection

A Vertebral Artery Dissection is when the wall of a vessel that carries blood to the brain tears.  Either one or more of the arteries in the back of the neck can tear.  This tearing causes blood to pool inside the artery and clot.  A VAD can block part of the brain’s blood supply and cause neurological problems.  This includes potential brain damage and stroke.

Vertebral Artery Dissection can occur when there is a traumatic event, like a car accident, whiplash, or any other impact to the neck.  Injuries of blood vessels have the potential to be life-threatening.  Medical literature in the field reveals that even a minor car crash can lead to VAD.  It can even happen when there is minor trauma to the neck.

VAD is recognized as the leading cause of stroke for people under 45 years of age.  Therefore, passengers involved in a relatively minor accident must receive proper care.  If VAD is discovered and treated promptly, people can fully recover.

An Atlanta car accident attorney who has experience handling cases with Vertebral Artery Dissection can promptly ensure that the right actions are being done for both a person’s health and a potential lawsuit.  For example, VAD treatment and diagnosis involve state-of-the-art imaging, known as CT scans and MRIs.  Also, treating VAD requires highly trained medical professionals and access to innovative medical facilities and technology.  This means that proper treatment and care will be expensive.  Depending on the circumstances of a case, surgery may be needed, which adds significant medical costs and prolonged treatment and recovery.

An experienced Atlanta car accident attorney will also understand that recovery from a VAD will include prescription medications and other treatments lasting from a few months to a lifetime.  Also, since there is a possibility that Vertebral Artery Dissection can lead to a stroke, the recovery period will necessarily involve time off from work and away from ordinary life activities.

What Are the Symptoms of a VAD?

As discussed earlier, only state of the art imaging, such as a CT scan or MRI, can discover if you have a VAD.  It is possible to have a VAD and not know it.  This is why it makes sense to get checked out after being in a significant car wreck.  However, the most common symptoms of a VAD include an excruciating headache, slurred speech, and distorted vision.  Clients I have represented that had a VAD and were treated before suffering a full-on stroke describe symptoms that are stroke like in nature.  They recall significant slurring of speech as if they were intoxicated and seeing distortions in faces and objects around them.  One also recalls “having the worst headache of her life.”  In fact, most people who suffer brain bleeds describe pain associated as “the worst headache of his/her life.”  If you experience any of the above symptoms, get to the emergency room ASAP.


In a car accident,  liability in Georgia is an “at-fault” state.  That means that the driver who is at fault is responsible for damages.  When both parties are determined to have been at fault, then the parties are not liable to each other for damages or injuries suffered.  For that reason, finding fault through negligence is essential to recover damages.

When another driver was negligent and crashed into your car, then that driver is liable for the injuries he or she caused.  If the car crash caused Vertebral Artery Dissection, then the driver will be responsible for your medical bills and lost wages.  The driver’s insurer has a contractual obligation with the driver to provide compensation to you for the harm caused up to the limits of coverage.  In addition to lost wages and medical bills, Georgia law also compensates for emotional stress, pain and suffering, loss of activity, and physical impairment.  The amount of compensation varies.  Every person, injury, and case are different, and there are no set standards or formulas.

At The Baer Law Firm, we will investigate your case to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries and grief, as the law permits.  For example, the driver responsible may assert that both drivers were at fault, and therefore should not be responsible for any damages.  A car accident lawyer worth his or her salt will often do more than just review a police report to prove the other car is at fault.  When appropriate, he or she will speak to eyewitnesses, investigate the scene, inspect the vehicles, gather phone records and other electronic data, and hire accident reconstructionist experts to prove your case in court.

In addition to determining liability, we will review medical records and bills and ensure that payment is made to maximize your monetary recovery at the end of the case.  The potential of permanent injury caused by a stroke brought on by a traumatic Vertebral Artery Dissection cannot be taken lightly.  Victims deserve to be compensated for restrictions that VAD has caused, whether it is several months of impairment on a person’s lifestyle and activity or for a more extended period.

Evaluating a Lawsuit

The Baer Law Firm has significant knowledge and experience in Atlanta liability claims including those involving Vertebral Artery Dissection.  We are prepared to support you during the lengthy process of coping with a VAD after a car crash.  Our experienced team will place our years of experience to work for your benefit.  It is important to us that you receive full and complete compensation for your collision.  We encourage you to contact our office at The Baer Law Firm.  Or call us at  404.THE.BAER (404.843.2237) for honest advice about your potential case.