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Too often drivers fail to lookout for bicyclists and ignore traffic markings and signs which should put a driver on notice of a potential bicyclist resulting in catastrophic bicycle accidents. If you or a loved one is injured from a bike accident, you need an experienced Atlanta bicycle accident attorney. The Baer Law Firm has extensive knowledge and expertise in this area and will work diligently to prove your case.

Free Consultation With an Experienced Bike Accident Attorney

attorney Bryan BaerRepresenting someone seriously injured in a bicycle accident requires an attorney who takes the time and effort to preserve evidence in real time and who knows the Rules of the Road to win the case.

Too often drivers fail to lookout for bicyclists and ignore traffic markings and signs which should put a driver on notice of a potential bicyclist. Bicycle accidents often carry a high rate of injury rendering the bicyclist unable to effectually communicate what happened to a responding police officer. This can lead to a one-sided police report favoring the negligent driver and faulting the injured bicyclist.

If you or a family member is seriously injured as a result of a bicycle accident, call 404.THE.BAER (404.843.2237) or fill out our online contact form so we may discuss your claim in a free consultation and answer your questions.

What To Do If You Or A Loved One Is Injured In A Bicycle Accident

If you are seriously hurt in a bicycle accident, it is imperative that you (or a friend or family member) seek and engage competent legal representation as soon as possible. Here’s what to do immediately:

  • Do not destroy or alter any evidence.
  • Keep all your bicycle gear, clothing and especially helmet.
  • Do not have your bicycle repaired or replaced. Make sure it is preserved in the state it was in immediately following the accident.
  • Go to the scene and gather any debris from your bicycle or other vehicle and hold onto it.
  • Preserve any information or videos from your personal devices (Go Pro, Smart watches, or other gear) that may have captured the accident or recorded data about your speed, path, etc.
  • Look for security cameras that may have video of the accident. If you see a store that has a camera that could have captured the accident, talk to the manager immediately. Most stores only keep video for 48-72 hours (sometimes less) and the security camera will record over previous recordings making footage of the accident irretrievable.
  • Notify your automobile insurance carrier and report the accident if the accident involved a motor vehicle.

Why Hire Attorney Bryan Baer For Your Claim

a person with a bikeIf you or a loved one is seriously injured in a bicycle accident in or around Atlanta, Georgia, you need to call an experienced bike accident lawyer as soon as possible. The Baer Law Firm is here to help you.

The Baer Law Firm Will Devote The Time And Resources Required To Properly Capture And Preserve Evidence

Attorney Bryan Baer will hit the ground running, literally, tracking down independent witnesses who saw the accident and going to the scene to take photographs, measurements, securing video footage from nearby security cameras, etc. to prove your case.

If warranted, attorney Bryan Baer will also engage an accident reconstructionist to assist in assimilating all the data and evidence to accurately portray how the bicycle accident actually happened. The sooner you engage The Baer Law Firm to investigate and gather evidence to help prove the case, the better chance you or your loved one has of winning the case.

The Baer Law Firm Will Help Get Your Medical Bills Paid Timely

In addition to gathering evidence, The Baer Law Firm will also assist you and your family in navigating the insurance labyrinth. Medical bills can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, and often the available coverage for the party that caused the bicycle accident is limited. Navigating this landscape effectively to get bills paid by the right insurer is often critical to obtaining money necessary to get the injured bicyclist back on his or her feet. The Baer Law Firm will ensure the most is made of all available coverage.

Bicycle Accident Case Results

Bryan Baer has handled dozens of cases for people seriously injured in bicycle accidents. The case below demonstrates the challenges involved in bicycle cases and how diligent, courageous and compassionate representation can lead to successful results.

Confidential Settlement to Young Man Riding His Bicycle to Work

Attorney Bryan Baer represented a young man in his mid-20s who collided with a car on his way home from work. The car pulled out of an access road to a Norcross, Georgia shopping center and into the crosswalk right in front of the bicyclist. The bicycle hit the passenger side of the car, and the bicyclist flew over the handlebars landing on the ground. Even though he was wearing a bicycle helmet, he suffered a fractured vertebra in his neck necessitating surgery and costing the bicyclist hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The police report faulted the injured bicyclist on the basis that the bicyclist was riding on a sidewalk and the automobile driver had the right of way.

Once retained, attorney Bryan Baer obtained video of the accident from the security camera of a nearby Dunkin Donuts. The camera footage showed that the car pulled out into the crosswalk immediately before the bicyclist got there, and had the driver looked both ways before pulling out into the cross walk, he would have seen the approaching bicyclist. Attorney Bryan Baer also leveraged data from the GPS device on the bicycle that recorded time and distance to rule out excessive speed. Proving it was legal for the bicyclist to be riding on the “sidewalk” was challenging and ultimately required an Affidavit from Gwinnett County Transportation officials. The Affidavit stated that the “sidewalk” was actually a multi-use path dedicated for multiple purposes, including riding bicycles, in the mid-1990s. With this information secured, attorney Bryan Baer obtained a favorable result for his client and settled the case before trial.

Bryan Baer is Super Lawyers awarded

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If you or a loved one is seriously injured as a result of a bicycle accident, you need to hire an experienced attorney. Attorney Bryan Baer at The Baer Law Firm is one of the few bike accident lawyers in Atlanta with extensive knowledge and expertise in this area to obtain results victims deserve. Call 404.THE.BAER (404.843.2237) or fill out our online contact form so we may discuss your case in a free consultation.