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  • $4,750,000Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident

    For the family of a grandfather killed as a result of negligent repair that caused the front wheel of his trike

  • $3,500,000Premises Liability

    Case details confidential

  • $2,250,000Medical Malpractice

    For a woman who suffered an Anoxic Brain Injury from improper monitoring after surgery

  • Policy LimitsMedical Malpractice

    Medical error during outpatient procedure

  • $1,250,000Pedestrian Accident

    $1,250,000 policy limit settlement for a pedestrian injured by a distracted driver

  • $1,100,000Medical Malpractice

    For a woman who suffered sepsis following bariatric surgery due to failure to remove equipment

  • $1,000,000Construction

    For a construction defect causing damage to client’s industrial equipment

  • $1,000,000Insurance Bad Faith

    $1,000,000 bad faith settlement with an insurance company that wrongfully denied coverage for its insured

  • $925,000Medical Malpractice

    For the family of a man who suffered a pulmonary embolism due to failure to assess the severity of a blood clot

  • $925,000Personal Injury

    For a woman who suffered a head injury after being assaulted by a security guard

  • $800,000Premises Liability

    For a woman who suffered thermal burns at a nail salon

  • $800,000Pedestrian Accident in Warehouse

    For a soon-to-be retired truck driver who suffered a severe ankle and foot injuries after being struck by a forklift

  • $750,000Medical Malpractice

    Case details confidential

  • $690,000Medical Malpractice

    For a man suffering from a severe bed sore due to neglect at an inpatient rehab facility

  • $650,000Pedestrian Accident

    For an older gentleman hit by a pickup truck while walking across the parking lot of a convenience store

  • $550,000Car Accident

    For a ride share driver who suffered a shattered heel following a car crash

  • $400,000Car Accident

    For a driver’s severe knee injury following a collision with a commercial truck

  • $375,000Car Accident Involving DUI

    For a man hit by a drunk driver who was driving a friend’s car

  • $300,000Slip and Fall

    For a man hit who suffered a brain bleed after falling in a hospital

  • $300,000Medical Malpractice

    For injuries sustained from a bite block left inside the body following surgery

  • $300,000Car Accident

    For a woman suffering a broken foot in a car wreck

  • $300,000Car Accident

    For a woman who suffered a herniated disc in the neck following an automobile collision

  • $250,000Personal Injury

    For a child who suffered a broken leg while playing on a poorly supervised inflatable jumpy slide

  • $250,000Insurance Agent/Broker Malpractice

    For a client whose insurance broker did not obtain the insurance coverage requested

  • $235,000Trip & Fall Accident

    For a woman who tripped over a sidewalk sewer drain that was improperly modified by a home builder

  • $225,000Car Accident

    For a client’s knee injury following a wreck with a commercial vehicle

  • $225,000Car Accident

    For a client in a wreck while riding as a passenger in the ride share vehicle

  • $225,000Pedestrian Accident

    For a woman who suffered a shoulder injury after being struck in the grocery store parking lot

  • $210,000Golf Cart Accident

    For a woman thrown from a golf cart

  • $200,000Auto & Insurance Bad Faith

    8X policy limits settlement due to bad faith from the insurer in handling an auto claim

  • $188,000Slip and Fall

    For a woman who slipped and fell at a restaurant north of Atlanta

  • $180,000Bicycle Accident

    For a young boy hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle in the neighborhood

  • $175,000Premises Accident

    For a child who almost lost his finger when a statue fell at a family-friendly outdoor space in

  • $135,000Fraud

    For family business victimized by fraud

  • $100,000Trip & Fall Accident

    For a woman who tripped and fell in a movie theater parking lot

  • $100,000Pedestrian Accident

    Policy limit settlement for a woman who tore a ligament in her ankle after being struck by vehicle in the parking lot

  • $100,000Pedestrian Accident

    Policy limit settlement for man struck by a vehicle while crossing the street outside of a