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“It’s extremely hard to say ‘No’ to someone who is dealing with a personal misfortune and they are looking for help, yet every case is not winnable. In my opinion, one of the most valuable things a lawyer can do is – from the very beginning, tell his or her potential clients what it looks like the chances of success are and set realistic expectations for what success means. And my commitment to complete honesty with my clients does not stop once I agree to accept his or her case. Litigation can take months or years, and there are most often ups and downs as more facts are revealed and as the legal wheels start turning. Often the case that looked great in March looks horrible by May, so it is my obligation to continue to communicate my feelings every step of the way. Likewise, if a client selects me as his or her lawyer, I always try to instill in them their responsibility, which is to listen and consider my advice regardless of whether it is positive or negative.” – Attorney Bryan Baer

5 Stars

Bryan and his staff are definitely among the elite!

The Baer Law Firm provided service with no hidden agenda! They were always informative, professional, and attentive to my needs. My process was lengthy and grueling and at times, I felt life was swallowing me whole. Ms. Melinda took note of my slump, told Bryan, and the next day, a "WE CARE; Something to make you smile!" token was on my door step! Wow! My spirit was instantly lifted knowing she heard what I DIDN'T and cared enough to reassure me that they were in my corner. The service is par excellence! Bryan and his staff are definitely among the elite! They stuck by my side, kept me informed, explained every process, and yielded great results in the end! Give them your worries and take a seat!

Esther B.
5 Stars

They have excelled at more than meeting our needs

When you need more than the "Bare Necessities" ..... get the Baer Necessities......This is the law firm for us. Unfortunately... we have needed a Law firm on several occasions for personal injury claims....and each time they have never let us down...the opposite is true .....they have excelled at more than meeting our needs. Bryan and his team make you feel like it is "all about you" and that it is as important to them to maximize the outcome and make you whole again...... excellent negotiators, personable and professional!

Tracy M.
5 Stars

I give him 6 out of 5 stars!!!!!

Bryan and his team are extremely professional. Quick response to even my weekend text messages. Bryan kept my family and I informed throughout our case. It was our second time working with Bryan. My family and I highly recommend Bryan and his law firm. I give him 6 out of 5 stars!!!!!

Kimberly F.
5 Stars

Wow, this man is the truth!

First of all, my wife and I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to Bryan, Holly, and Melinda on the attention-to-detail they gave our case. My wife was a client of their firm from Jan – Mar 2022. From the beginning on our personal injury case, a local high-profile law firm originally represented us, after my wife was in a rear end collision back on Jan 6, 2020, struck by a commercial truck driver insured by Liberty Mutual. She sustained a concussion, whiplash, and a soft tissue back injury with cervical disc pain from this accident. Our relationship with this law firm went on for almost 1 year, where we received a low-ball settlement offer of $20K plus from Liberty Mutual. This amount would not even pay for my wife’s medical bills incurred, let alone provide the 33% to the attorney and have something left over for her pain and suffering compensation. The attorney from this law firm was trying to convince my wife and I, that this was about as much as she could get for her case. During that conversation, we were extremely livid with this revelation to say the least. After an internal discussion we decided at that time, to terminate our relationship with this law firm and find better representation.

Along comes “The Baer Law Firm” where, by sheer luck, their website popped up when I was Google searching about the “Statute of Limitations” for personal injury claims in the state of Georgia, (which is two years from the date of incident). I was contacted then by the chat feature on their website and proceeded to fill out the accident details on their digital form via online portal with our contact number too. Since my wife’s accident was on Jan 6, 2020, we only had until Jan 6, 2022, to continue this personal injury claim with Liberty Mutual. After Jan 6, 2020, they would have been off the hook from any further legal activity for compensation via lawsuit. On our first call with “The Baer Law Firm” Melinda called us back within minutes during after business hours and proceeded to write down our information, so we can talk to Bryan the next business day about the case. During the call, Bryan listened carefully of the details of the case and the issues with the previous law firms we hired and was taken a back from what he was hearing. He did not promise us any particular dollar amount at the onset, but he did ask us to email him all of the case documents, i.e., police report, medical treatment records, bills, photos of vehicle, etc. He said after he reviewed them, he would give us a call back to discuss what the details of our pending case might involve. Lucky for us, he said he could help us and promptly sent over a letter of representation for my wife to sign and get back to him ASAP!

Bryan has to be the nicest and most professional attorney we ever dealt with considering the previous law firms we had to interact with. He is not an attorney to not call you back when he says he will and not one to have his calls screened by his paralegal. He really made us feel like VIP’s or like we were a part of his family. He actually gave us his personal cell phone number to be contacted throughout the duration of our case and he actually answered his phone or called us right back when it went to voicemail. He even called us back one day when he was at court during a deposition on another case he was litigating for another client. I was like “wow” this man is the truth! To sum things up, we ended up settling the case with Liberty Mutual for a little over $45K which was over $25K more than we would have received without his expertise, diligence, and tenacity. We know he deals with multi-million-dollar cases, when ours was not, but he truly made us feel like our case was just as important regardless of dollar value. With that being said, please give “The Baer Law Firm” a call you will not find a better law firm in the state or even country to work on your behalf. Signed the “Happy Couple”!

Steven & LaVaunda M.
5 Stars

I highly recommend his team for your case!

In September 2019, I chose The Baer Law Firm over a larger one simply because he took the call. Bryan Baer called me personally, not just someone random that worked with him. When other members from his firm responded to my voicemail, it gave me great pleasure to say, I’ve already spoken with Mr. Baer. And, when we met he genuinely took the time to inquire about ME and my health/well-being, not just the details of my accident.

He did not rush my treatment for the sake of wrapping things up, or try to get me to do anything but bring my overall health back to 100% or close to it. Later, when the insurance company made an offer he didn’t like, he was more upset than I was! So, I put my trust in him, and stuck with him through the trial process. The pandemic delayed things greatly, but he didn’t stop checking in on us, or following up with updates. Once things started moving along, his advice and guidance confirmed how caring and compassionate he is when it comes to his work and his clients. And his team worked miracles to turn a negative into a positive!! When our case settled earlier this year, it was a blessing straight from heaven because it was even more than I expected, and exactly what I needed to pay the closing costs for our first home! We even had enough left for a celebration dinner and moving costs

Then, at the end of February this year, my daughter got slammed by a drunk driver in a near head on collision that shook our family to the core. We were certain we were jinxed or something! She had no visible injuries, but was definitely hurting, and I wasn’t sure how to help her outside of providing comfort and love while trying to replace our totaled vehicle.

Bryan and his team came to the rescue! We called him and shared the events of the week, and in true Baer fashion, he was arms up and flailing… I’m so sure. Once again that passion came out as he said, we cannot let him get away with this…no, no…unbelievable! I was cracking up at how red his face must have been…and it warmed my heart to have him on our side. Well, it had to be the fastest case to settle in history, I swear! My daughter is still trying to figure out how to spend what’s left after sharing enough to cushion my accounts and pay off my credit cards as a Mother’s Day gift, putting away $10,000 for after college, and paying off her tuition.

The Baer Firm….Bryan, his wife Holly, and Melinda have been our “good luck charm” for the past 2 years and I am thankful I made the right decision in 2019. The care and dedication they showed us didn’t make it feel like he was my lawyer…he felt like family. I highly recommend his team for your case!
THANK YOU, Bryan, Holly, and Melinda!!!

Sophia A.
5 Stars

Bryan is a man of his word and has the utmost integrity

Where do I start? I’m not sure if there are words that can explain how INCREDIBLE Bryan Baer has represented me in my Personal Injury case. He is nothing short of AMAZING in how he has handled my case. When I say he has been there every step of the way, that is an understatement. When I hired Bryan to represent me I was rebounding from two very highly TV advertised Attorneys that I wouldn’t hire again even if my life depended on it. I was in a car accident while I was working as an independent contractor for a very prestigious private car service. In the accident among other soft tissue injuries I incurred, I shattered my right heel. This meant I could not walk or drive for that matter. In dealing with the two other Attorneys I mentioned they could not find money for me to live off of day to day to make up for my inability to work. I consulted with a good friend and he said “you are going to have to interview Attorneys”. The thought of interviewing Attorneys made me cringe. At this point I had to put on my big girl panties and do what I had to do. Well I had found out that there was a website that had reviews on a number of Attorneys. I said to myself this is where I need to start. Of course I ran across Bryan as one of the highly accredited candidates I would interview. When I spoke to him initially I wasn’t sure. As a matter of fact I was very skeptical. He said he would come personally to discuss my case. He PERSONALLY came to my residence. That’s right he didn’t send his representative. That was impressive to me. We sat down and discussed my case and he looked over the medical records I had up until that date. He told me that there were no issues with my case as originally told to me by another Attorney. I could do nothing but exhale and think this is the man that I want to represent me. I have to say I wasn’t wrong. Bryan is a man of his word and has the utmost integrity. Everything he said he was going to do, he did. Everything he predicted would happen, it did. Oh did I forget to mention the money the other Attorneys couldn’t find for me to live off, he did. Here in Atlanta there are only two surgeons that can competently do a shattered heel surgery so it is different than let’s say a broken leg. This meant we had to search for this Surgeon. Bryan guided me every step of the way to find the right man to do the job. If you have any orthopedic injury Bryan will get you to the right Doctor. I would like to say that I’m living happily ever after because Bryan has already settled the first portion of my case for $250,000.00. Unfortunately, I still have to go to physical therapy and have at least one more surgery. Since there is one more Insurance company we have to settle with, Bryan is predicting another three hundred to five hundred thousand to close the case. Going from my experience with him, he will do just that. I guarantee anyone that asks me for a good Attorney and even those that don’t, I will refer to Bryan. I’d just like to add that I’ve worked for other Attorneys and worked along with my ex-husband that was an Attorney, but Bryan is by far superior to them all. If you don’t believe me, try him. I’m sure you will find the same. To be continued……..

Yvette H.
5 Stars

Bryan Baer is the one and only clear choice

I had the honor of having Bryan Baer, represent me with my personal injury case and it is with great admiration and the utmost appreciation that I write this review. My previous lawyer sent me a letter releasing me from my contract claiming that I didn’t have a case and that the amount of the settlement that I was seeking was unreasonable and not likely to happen. After consultation with Mr. Baer, he took on my case and assured me that he would do his best to represent me and he did just that. I realize that I did not have a 100k case but Mr. Baer represented me as if I did. I have never worked with anyone with as much integrity and patience as he exhibited during this time. He kept in close contact with me, keeping me in the loop every step of the way. He always returned every call and email promptly; never allowing me to feel any moments of neglect. His demand letter on my behalf deserved a Pulitzer as far as I was concerned. I felt as though he was my family and he was fighting for me, fighting for what was right; leaving no stone left unturned. Not only did he settle my case but he superseded (by far) the amount that I was even hoping for. Being that time was of the essences for me since my 2 year mark for submitting a demand was fast approaching; He received my information and within 30 days I had my check in my hand. I can’t tell you what a blessing it has been to have Bryan Baer in my corner believing in me and willing to do whatever it took to take care of me (a complete stranger) in the manner in which he did. I do realize that he was doing a job for me, but the personal attention to detail and the respect in which he handled me and my case allowed me to see not only a dynamic Lawyer but an individual for the amazing person that he is. I pray that I will never have need of a lawyer again, but if I do there is no question Bryan Baer, is the one and only clear choice. I always say “Everything happens for a reason.” And for all the reasons that God allowed our paths to cross, I am truly grateful. With Much Respect, Debra H.

Deb. H.
5 Stars

His prior experience with the dentist’s insurance carrier was particularly valuable.

I’m a senior partner in a large law firm where Bryan used to work as an associate years ago. I am a business lawyer, not a trial lawyer. I know almost nothing about how a dental malpractice case should be handled. When my wife had some expensive dental work that failed and had to be totally redone, I asked one of my litigation partners for the name of a plaintiff’s lawyer with relevant experience who was skilled, trustworthy and easy to work with. (Our firm does not handle this type of legal work.) My partner immediately recommended Bryan, who proved to have all these fine traits and more. After Bryan and I discussed the matter, we agreed that the prospective damages were too small to justify the typical engagement terms of a great plaintiff’s lawyer like Bryan. Then he said: “You’re a good lawyer, just not in this area. I’ll be glad to coach you, and you should be able to negotiate a fair settlement yourself. You don’t need to pay me. Just tell your colleagues at your firm that you know a good plaintiff’s lawyer.” I said, “Done, and I’ll buy your dinner at Bone’s, too!” With Bryan’s coaching and guidance from time to time, I did negotiate a good settlement for my wife that I could not have obtained without him. His prior experience with the dentist’s insurance carrier was particularly valuable. Throughout the process, Bryan was willing to answer a text message or have a quick call to help me, even when he was on a family vacation. We are looking forward to dinner with our wives next week!

Senior Partner, Large National Law Firm
5 Stars

I highly recommend The Baer Law Firm!

I highly recommend The Baer Law Firm! The firm understood my needs and handled the claim in a very timely manner. Extremely professional, compassionate, courteous, efficient and responded to questions/concerns quickly! Other family contracted/used The Baer Law Firm on 3 different occasions and are completed satisfied as well.

Jacqueline G.
5 Stars


My experience with Bryan started back in February after I totaled my car. He was responsive, listened and cared every minute. He also has a great team that works with him. My experience felt like family. I was treated with kindness and knew every step of the process along the way. Bryan fights hard for his clients and he is always there and stays in touch when you need him. There’s NO BETTER FIRM THAN THIS ONE!!! Best experience EVER!

Camia M.
5 Stars

He is surely one of Atlanta’s best!

Bryan Baer is an excellent attorney and all-around nice guy. He handled my case with professionalism, in a timely manner and with my concerns at heart. The amount of the settlement was far more than I expected and without Bryan’s legal skills I’m sure I wouldn’t have received nearly as much. He is surely one of Atlanta’s best!

George E.
5 Stars

Bryan Baer is the guy you want in your corner

I highly recommend Bryan Baer. Bryan took good care of me and saw my case to the best conclusion, all along the way holding my hand and guiding me through the process with ease. Most importantly, Bryan is a straight shooter, so I could count on him to give me the real facts along with his professional, untainted recommendations. Bryan Baer is the guy you want in your corner. My only mistake was not calling him sooner!

Andrew H.
5 Stars

Mr. Baer got our daughter the best possible settlement

My daughter was hit head on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on GA400. Bryan Baer came to the hospital to meet with us and we did not have to deal with anything other than helping our daughter through the ordeal. Mr. Baer got our daughter the best possible settlement and we are extremely grateful.

Tami B.
5 Stars

He immediately jumped in and took over, saving our case!

We had an excellent experience with Bryan Baer. We had the unfortunate experience of terminating our original attorney before coming to Bryan. Bryan was a pleasure to work with. He immediately jumped in and took over, saving our case! He was easy to get in touch with, and both he and Melinda made us feel that our case was important to them. They were always available when we needed them and provided regular updates on the status of our case. Although we hope not to need his services again, should the circumstance present itself, Bryan will be our first call. I highly recommend him.

Rachel P.
5 Stars

He went above and beyond

I was in an automobile accident, that crushed my right foot. I called over the weekend and not only did they answer the phone, but I spoke directly with Bryan Baer. I told him about my accident and he came to meet me at my home. He spent so much time, took thorough notes, phone numbers, and dealt with everything for me, even recommended a doctor. He also met with my 28 year old daughter Amanda, that has special needs and was injured in the accident as well. Bryan took a tremendous amount of time, not only that day, but made appointments with her to meet her cognitive specialist of 15 years. He wanted clarity and to completely understand exactly how this traumatically affected her life. He went above and beyond, helped her to feel comfortable, and she knew she could trust him. He spoke directly with her and to her, with dignity and respect. Most of my correspondence was with Bryan, he even answered to let me know he would have to call me back. The support he provided us was tremendous and I highly recommend him!

Pamela C.
5 Stars

He fought for and got more than the best possible outcome

I was involved in a no-fault head-on collision that left me in a coma and broken feet, broken pelvis, nerve damage etc. I was in the hospital for three months and a physical rehab center for another three. I was nearly killed. Mr. Baer was referred by my sister in law. I was in a sad state and Mr.Baer’s positive and professional presence was reassuring. I was told over and over that the outcome of my case looked bleak by others, but Mr. Baer provided more than I could have asked for. He fought for and got more than the best possible outcome and then extended himself again and again on a personal level in kindness as well.As the victim of a hit and run and being surrounded by over worked, underpaid health care professionals, I had a pretty disillusioned attitude towards people by the time Bryan started to represent me, but he impressed upon me that there are still good ones out there.

Kent D.
5 Stars

He’s reliable, understanding, professional, patient… the list goes on!

Bryan Baer represented me in two car accidents: one where I was rear-ended by a commercial truck and another that occurred five months later when my daughter and I were T-boned by an individual who ran a red light. I read good reviews about him and chose to give him a chance. Boy, am I glad I did! He’s reliable, understanding, professional, patient…the list goes on! He never treated me as “just another client” and promptly responded to every email/phone call. Considering the first accident was my first ever, I asked several questions – oftentimes twice!!! Bryan made sure I understood everything and kept me informed throughout the entire process. This is the primary reason I hired him to represent me after my second accident. In both cases, Bryan made sure I was satisfied with my settlement BEFORE settling, which was a very important factor. Though I hope I’ll never suffer another car accident, in the event that I do I’ll definitely choose Bryan to represent me again.

Eryka G.
5 Stars

I would recommend Bryan to ANYONE who needs a good personal injury lawyer!!

After consulting with a “big-time” Personal Injury Law Firm, you know the type that you’ll routinely see signs for and hear ad’s on the radio for as you drive to work, I certainly felt like “another number” and a commission check versus a human being with concerns. Bryan was available on the first phone call and took time to answer ALL my questions and put me at ease about my process after I had been rear-ended in a car accident. Bryan helped a complete novice navigate the seemingly treacherous waters of law jargon, car appraisals, insurance companies and the seemingly never-ending battles with health insurance providers and hospital bills. I can’t thank Bryan and his team enough for taking care of the process and helping me from my first phone call to sign off on my settlement check. I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way and would recommend Bryan to ANYONE who needs a good personal injury lawyer!!!

Shaun B.
5 Stars

He helped me close a painful chapter of my life and I am deeply grateful

A year after my hit-and-run auto accident, I was released from medical treatment and made repeated attempts over the next five months to write my own demand letter to no avail. Out of sheer frustration (and albeit a little desperation), I’d made contact via the internet and heard back from Bryan within minutes (even thereafter, he always responded to my calls and e-mails expeditiously). He took the time to listen to my story and validated my experience. Immediately after Bryan agreed to represent me, my mind was set at ease. I was anticipating a long and arduous mediation process, but Bryan navigated me through it while lessening the burden on me. Four months from the day that I contacted his office, my case was settled pre-trial and I was free to resume my life. Bryan is, without a doubt, a miracle worker—he helped me close a painful chapter of my life and I am deeply grateful.

Denise D.
5 Stars

I truly cannot speak highly enough of Bryan and his team at The Baer Law Firm

I truly cannot speak highly enough of Bryan and his team at The Baer Law Firm—they are absolute lifesavers. I was in a car accident that left me with some neck injuries that had me feeling pretty scared and anxious, but Bryan and his fantastic team came in and took all the weight off my shoulders. They put me in touch with a fantastic orthopedist and helped me navigate both my vehicle repairs and my medical journey. They took care of everything for me and made it very clear that their first priority was getting me healthy again. I’ve also never seen any business respond to messages as quickly and thoroughly as Bryan and his team do. They are amazingly kind, thoughtful, and deeply good people who move mountains to help their clients. I don’t know what I would have done without them. They took all the work and stress off my plate and finalized my settlement very quickly after my medical issues were resolved. I am more grateful for them than I can say. Thank you Bryan, Melinda, and Holly for your kindness and hard work!

Elizabeth C.