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Woman Who Suffered 3rd Degree Burns Following Pedicure Hires The Baer Law Firm

In April of 2022, a woman and her daughter went to a larger established nail salon south of Atlanta, Georgia to get a manicure and pedicure. The woman who usually did the client’s nails was busy, so a younger less experienced woman performed the pedicure. As part of the pedicure, the client’s feet were placed in a warm bath solution for the purpose of softening the feet and removing calluses. The pedicure appeared to be uneventful. However, when the woman returned home, she felt a strange burning sensation around her ankles. She lifted her pants leg and, to her horror, discovered that her skin had peeled back exposing the dermis underlayer. Her husband immediately took her to the emergency room, which swiftly transferred her to the hospital’s burn unit. She had third degree burns on her left ankle. Since then, she has undergone multiple skin graft surgeries and hyperbaric chamber therapy.

The Baer Law Firm investigated and discovered that chemicals used for pedicures can cause burning if too much is used or if the feet remain in the water for too long. The Baer Law Firm also discovered that a similar incident happened at this salon’s location in Louisiana. The Baer Law Firm is preparing to file suit later this month in Clayton County, Georgia.

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