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The Baer Law Firm Files Suit to Recover for Man Badly Injured due to Faulty Roof Repair

An apple barn in the north Georgia county of Gilmer negligently installed the gutter system to one of its back buildings. Accordingly, the gutters collapsed just as Steven Knight, a contractor hired to perform maintenance on exhaust equipment, stepped from the roof onto his ladder. Steven fell to the ground, shattering his shoulder and suffering numerous other personal injuries. He is quite fortunate he did not land on his head and suffer a massive head or spinal cord injury. Nevertheless, Steven has limited use of his left arm and can no longer perform heavy labor.

The Baer Law Firm has filed suit. According to the lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of Gilmer County, Knight v. Talona Farm Market, Inc., d/b/a Panorama Orchards and Farm Market et. al., CV2021000392, the gutter system consisted of multiple pieces of inferior grade materials that were shoddily fastened together causing them to fall.

Before filing suit, attorney Bryan Baer hired a photographer to fly a drone above the gutters to take detailed photographs and video of the installation. Based on a visual inspection, the gutter installation appears to have been performed haphazardly and without care. Unfortunately, the apple barn has not been willing to disclose the identity of the contractor hired to perform the installation or negotiate a resolution, making a lawsuit necessary.

Businesses that own and operate properties in Georgia are not legally responsible for every personal injury that happens on their property (which lawyers typically refer to as “premises”). In order to establish the liability of a property owner, you have to prove that the business operating that property failed to take reasonable measures to keep the property safe. This typically means that you have to prove that the business knew or should have known that something about the property was hazardous and that the injured person (exercising due diligence) would not have detected the defective condition. Proving this often takes considerable time, work, knowhow, and diligence. The Baer Law Firm looks forward to the challenge and prevailing at trial.

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