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Amusement Park Injuries Are Not So Amusing

Amusement Park Injuries As we are in the Halloween season, many of Georgia’s amusement parks are having their scary, themed events. For example, Six Flags Over Georgia is having its Fright Fest through the end of the month as is Stone Mountain Park with its Pumpkin Festival. Fun Spot America, Lake Winnie (Lake Winnepesaukah) Amusement Park, and Wild Adventures also are celebrating Halloween. While zombies, ghouls, and other monsters certainly add to the fun, amusement parks, water parks, trampoline parks, and other theme parks can be dangerous places. Although not common, serious amusement park injuries and fatalities can happen which can have life-altering effects on the victims. Accordingly, the owners and operators of these amusement parks have a duty under the law to provide a safe environment for their guests.

Types of Injuries

Slips and falls are the most common causes of injuries at amusement parks. Slips usually occur from wet surfaces caused by the weather or spills. Tripping can occur from a number of hazards including faulty steps leading up to a ride, clutter, electrical cords, poor lighting, and uneven walking surfaces. These injuries can range from minor scraps, cuts, and sprains to more serious fractures and head injuries.

Aside from slips and falls, even more serious injuries can occur at Georgia’s amusement parks. A ride can malfunction which can throw a person from it. Obviously, being thrown from a fast-moving roller coaster can have dire consequences including death. These catastrophic accidents often happen due to a ride/equipment malfunction, poor maintenance, or operator error.

Whether a slip and fall or a more catastrophic injury, victims have rights under the law. Lawyers, like me, refer to this area of the law as premises liability.

Premises Liability Law and Georgia’s Amusement Parks

Again, owners and operators of amusement parks in Georgia have the legal obligation to keep their guests safe. When they fail to do so, and a guest gets injured, they can be held liable. Some of these obligations include:

  • Keeping rides and attractions up to safety codes and inspections
  • Training employees
  • Having proper signage and notifications about potential dangers
  • Adhering to height and weight requirements of each ride
  • Observing all ride rules and regulations
  • Carrying insurance to compensate accident victims

By not meeting these obligations, the owner or operator of an amusement park acts negligently. Therefore, victims can seek financial compensation to help them deal with their injuries or loss. Damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering to name a few.

Get Legal Advice

While families expect amusement park excursions to be filled with fun and bring lasting memories, accidents do happen. And when they happen, it is best to seek legal advice.

Determining who is at fault in a slip and fall or premises liability accident is difficult. The park’s owners and operators will look to reduce their liabilities in any way possible to avoid financial liability and bad press. They may even claim that you are partly responsible for the accident.

We know how to handle premises liability matters. We know how to investigate the incident and get the proof needed to establish liability clearly. We know the methods insurance companies and property owners use to displace blame, and we know the best strategies for fighting against these tactics.

So, if you or a family member suffers an injury at an amusement park, please contact our office at The Baer Law Firm or call us at 404.THE.BAER (404.843.2237). We will listen to you and give you an honest answer if you have a legitimate claim or not.

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