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$690,000 Settlement for Bed Sore Against Inpatient Rehab Facility

The Baer Law Firm recovered $690,000 from a rehabilitation facility and its supervising physician on behalf of a paralyzed man who suffered a Stage IV pressure ulcer during his stay. The man was paralyzed following a horrific, single-vehicle automobile accident. He was discharged from the hospital to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to improve his strength before going home. While at the hospital, he developed a small and manageable pressure sore. Unfortunately, it progressed to a foul-smelling unstageable hole in his back while at the rehabilitation facility. Worse, he was discharged from the rehabilitation center in this condition. After over two years of treatment, the bed sore is finally on the mend. Bryan Baer’s client plans to use his settlement money to make needed modifications to his home so that it is more accessible for himself and livable for his daughter who cares for him and his new grandchild.

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