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$200,000 Settlement – 8X Policy Limits

The Baer Law Firm recovered 8X the at-fault driver’s policy limits in a disputed liability collision. Our client was a passenger in a van turning left. As the van was making its turn, a woman t-boned it. The force of the collision drove the van off the road and into a telephone pole. Our client broke his jaw as a result of the collision. The driver of the other vehicle had a minimal limits policy, but her insurer refused to timely pay policy limits despite evidence that she was speeding. The Baer Law Firm tracked down an eyewitness who testified she was driving aggressively prior to the collision and was going at least 20 miles an hour over the speed limit when she hit our client’s van. Due to the insurer’s failure to do the right thing at the outset of the claim, The Baer Law Firm was ultimately able to negotiate a much higher settlement for our injured client.

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